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Riot Games and DPR LIVE and DPR CLINE produce intense, braggadocious track to set the stage for LoL Esports Mid-Season Invitational.

Every year, Riot Games produces a rallying anthem to inspire fans and pros alike for its international events, and this year’s theme brings an intense, confident track that sets the tone for the event. New this year, Riot partnered with artists local to the MSI host country of South Korea to resonate with the MSI host country as well as connect the gritty, bold style of MSI with a braggadocious rap vibe.


“We are unbelievably excited to have DPR LIVE and DPR CLINE as our partners on the MSI Anthem,” said Carrie Dunn, creative director of esports for Riot Games. “MSI is in Busan, Korea this year. Korea is the birthplace of esports and is such a powerful force within culture at large. We wanted to not just bring that Korean culture into the anthem, but to lead with it. So we knew this Anthem should be made BY Korean artists.


“DPR LIVE and all of the DPR collective were at the top of the list of who we wanted to work with – being Korea-based brought such a natural tie-in with MSI being hosted in Busan. But more importantly, we loved the range we heard within his work: from the iconic Eung Freestyle DPR video to LIVE’s more recent work which has tapped into a vibier energy. Across every genre, DPR LIVE brings a unique and infectious confidence to his work, and that was what we wanted to tap into and channel for MSI.”


DPR LIVE alongside DPR CLINE will be performing "Set It Off" at the MSI Opening Ceremony before the MSI Finals on May 29. This dynamic, high-octane performance will be the first live Opening Ceremony for a LoL Esports event since Worlds 2020.


“I'm honored to be able to take part in such a culture of talented athletes in the esports realm,” DPR LIVE said. “I've always been eager to curate music for the gaming individual, enhancing their experience of gameplay by providing a specific mood of music that I've always wanted as a gamer myself. To be able to manifest something as special as this with Riot and their incredibly hardworking team was an absolute blast! It's also a full-circle moment in that I was able to tap my cousin (DPR CLINE) into this project as he's a huge fan of LoL and we've played the game together from a ways back. Being that this is our first joint project together publicly, and it just so happens to be with the Riot organization revolving around an event that is taking place in our motherland country, makes it all that much more fulfilling.”


MSI’s creative theme, TAKE NOTES, is about embracing what makes MSI stand out. It’s the first global competition of the year – the first time we see which teams and regions are the ones to watch out for. It’s as confident as it gets, experimenting seamlessly across influences and genres. It’s constantly changing gears to keep opponents on their toes – you never know where it’s heading next.


You can stream “Set if Off” by DPR LIVE and DPR CLINE on Spotify and YouTube.


The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational will commence May 10-29 in Busan, Korea. Last year, MSI broke all previous viewership records with an Average Minute Audience (AMA) of 3,596,150, a Peak Concurrent User of 23,718,893, and Total Hours Watched of 347,722,915.


About the Mid-Season Invitational

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is a foundational battleground in the annual LoL Esports season, where rising stars and teams make a global name for themselves. Held between the first and second splits of the season, the best team from the regional leagues compete for the title. MSI is a time for regions to showcase their bold and unique identities and foreshadows the work needed for pros looking to claim a World Championship title. Riot Games supervises regional leagues in North America, Europe, Latin America, Brazil, Oceania, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


About LoL Esports™

LoL Esports is a premier global sport that has attracted the attention of millions of fans around the world since 2011. More than 800 players on 100+ professional League of Legends esports teams compete across a dozen leagues globally. Within each regional league, teams compete against one another over the course of two seasonal splits in hopes of earning regional titles and championship points. LoL Esports boasts a roster of industry-leading global sponsors and best-in-class partners. 


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