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Worlds 2021 Update [ENG/CN]

John Needham, Global Head of Esports at Riot Games

August 24, 2021
Hi everyone.


I’m John Needham, Global Head of Esports at Riot Games, and I’m here to give you an update on Worlds 2021.


Over the past two years, a cross-Riot team of Global Esports here in Los Angeles, as well as our colleagues and partners in Shanghai, have been working hard to produce 2020 and 2021 Worlds. 


We’re proud of what we achieved last year, delivering a high quality 2020 Worlds with zero infections and record viewership.  We figured 2020 would be the hardest Worlds we’ve ever produced. With vaccines being distributed worldwide this year, we anticipated a return to some sort of “normal” in 2021.


Well, unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. With the Delta variant... travel restrictions and COVID protocols have been even MORE complicated to navigate in 2021 than they were in 2020. Sadly, we reached the point where it is extremely difficult to guarantee that qualifying teams and their best players would be able to attend Worlds this year. 


As a result, we’ve made the tough decision to pivot Worlds from China... to Europe.


Riot Esports will always maintain the competitive integrity of our sport. A Worlds where a handful of qualified teams, and possibly more, wouldn’t be able to compete with their full rosters felt very compromised. 


Our teams and professional players invest incredible amounts of time and resources to compete for the Summoner’s Cup, and we feel a great responsibility to make every effort to give them that opportunity.  We pride ourselves on making Worlds truly globally inclusive, and we believe our international footprint is a big part of what makes LoL Esports so special. 


After considering all potential options, we concluded that moving Worlds to Europe provided the best opportunity for the most teams and their best players to compete. We’re not ready to announce where in Europe Worlds will be held this year but accessibility for the highest number of teams and their best players will be the key deciding factor. 


We sincerely thank the five chosen Chinese cities and partners who supported us in looking at many options and ways we could execute against our vision for Worlds 2021. We also want to apologize to our Chinese players and fans. This news might be disappointing but we hope you understand this decision will allow your beloved LPL teams to compete against the best teams with their strongest rosters from around the World.


We recognize there is no replacing the energy that comes from having Worlds in your region, but we’re still planning to deliver amazing experiences across China to view and participate in Worlds. We’re confident these experiences will make our Chinese community proud.


Finally, we appreciate the support from ALL of our fans around the globe. We’ll be sharing more details for Worlds 2021 in the days and weeks ahead.   


To all of our leagues, teams, and players who are wrapping up their summer competitions.  Good luck.  We’ll see you at Worlds.


Thank you.


我是 John Needham,拳头游戏电子竞技全球负责人,我想在这里分享一下 2021 全球总决赛的 最新情况。

在过去两年里,位于洛杉矶的全球电竞赛事团队,和我们在上海的同事以及紧密的合作伙伴们组 成的跨地区团队为了 2020 和 2021 全球总决赛的筹备和举办通力配合,紧密合作。

以零感染和破收视记录的好成绩,为大家献上了一届高质量的 2020 全球总决赛,我们为此深感 自豪。我们以为 2020 全球总决赛应该是至今以来最为艰难的一届,由于全球各地都开始了疫苗 接种,我们也希望 2021 年能在一定程度上会回归常态。

可惜实际情况并非如此。随着全球德尔塔变种的出现...2021 年旅行限制和相关政策与 2020 年相 比甚至更为复杂。很遗憾,这一系列复杂的情况将很可能导致出线的队伍和他们最强的选手无法 以最完整的状态登上全球总决赛的舞台。


拳头电竞一直致力于维护这项运动的竞技完整与公平性。一届只有部分出线队伍可以参加,可能 还有一些出线的队伍无法以完整阵容出战的全球总决赛是非常令人遗憾的。

为了角逐召唤师杯,队伍和职业选手们都投入了大量的时间和资源。我们完全有责任尽量为他们 提供参赛的机会。让全球总决赛能够真正地海纳百川,是我们的骄傲。我们也相信,全球的共同 参与至关重要,这也让英雄联盟电竞赛事独树一帜。

在对所有可能性反复考量之后,我们认为在欧洲举行全球总决赛可以最大程度让大部分的队伍和 选手们有机会参与竞技。我们还未准备好公布今年的全球总决赛会在欧洲哪里举行。但是能否让 尽可能多的晋级队伍以及它们最出色的选手参赛将是选址的决定性因素。

我们诚挚地感谢中国五个城市(深圳,上海,武汉,成都,青岛)以及合作伙伴们,他们为我们 提供了诸多解决方案,来帮助我们实现 2021 全球总决赛的愿景。这里我们还要向中国的玩家和 粉丝们表达歉意。这个消息或许令人遗憾,但是我希望大家可以理解,只有这样,大家喜爱的 LPL 队伍才能和其它来自全球各地以最强阵容出战的队伍们同台竞技。

我们明白,在自己的家乡举办全球总决赛,这种情怀是无可替代的,但我们仍然希望能够在中国 为所有粉丝们提供出色的观赛和赛事参与体验,并有信心让中国的粉丝们感到满意。

最后,我们非常感谢全球粉丝们的支持。我们会在接下来几周内分享更多有关 2021 全球总决赛 的细节。

与此同时,也遥祝各联赛、队伍和选手们夏季赛收官顺利,我们全球总决赛见! 谢谢。